Digital Printing

Hi-Tech Color is the only printer in Southern Idaho to offer highly-efficient digital printing:

  • Fully digital workflow
  • Two HP Indigo digital presses
  • Digital "direct-to-plate" imaging automation

The benefits for our customers include:

  • Superior quality. Digital technology delivers super sharp dot and the finest gradations.
  • Vivid color. Punchy solids, smooth gradations and maximum color accuracy/precision.
  • Faster turnaround. Turnaround times are measured in hours with our HP Indigo Digital Presses. The KARAT74 is so efficient, we're able to print multiple jobs in the time it takes to print a single job on a conventional press.
  • More affordable printing. High-quality, short-run color has never been so cost-effective.
  • Greener printing. Our digital presses eliminate up to 80% of the waste materials associated with conventional printing processes. In addition, we've spent thousands installing environmental controls for our KARAT74 press and have migrated to environmentally-friendly inks.

Read more about Hi-Tech Color's digital presses:

  • KARAT74 Digital Press
  • HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press
  • HP Indigo 3050 Digital Press