Going Green

It's Okay to Print!

Did you know that printing actually helps to sustain our forests for a large number of different reasons?

For starters, growing and harvesting trees is an enterprise that provides jobs for millions of people all over the world. Thanks to improved forest management techniques, we now have more trees today than we did even 100 years ago.

Forests are great for the environment - they provide clean air and water, wildlife habitats for animals, carbon storage and more. By using trees to create materials like paper (which is biodegradable, renewable, and ultimately sustainable), you're making room for new trees that become a valuable part of an industry that provides a livelihood for countless people, and sustains a delicate ecosystem as well.

The Facts

If we have more trees now than we did in 1900, it means that the ways in which we use paper has NOT affected our forests in a bad way.

Using paper products means that old trees get to be harvested and put to good use. Forests get replanted with new trees that serve a very real benefit to the environment.

By increasing the need for trees by keeping paper and print marketing relevant, you're actually playing a very important role in helping the environment sustain itself and continue to be naturally healthy well into the future.

Save a tree and choose print!