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Four Foolproof Ways to Create a Great Company Logo

Have you taken a close look at your company logo lately? Does it look like it came straight out of the 1980s, or have you kept it up-to-date? An outdated logo can make you look stagnant and stale in the minds of prospective customers. To combat this effect, many companies redesign their logos every few years to keep them fresh. If your company is considering a logo update, here are some tips to help:

  • Choose a logo that looks good large or small. This will allow for more variety in your ads and other printed materials.

  • Keep it simple. Your logo doesn't have to look fancy to grab attention. Just look at IBM and Apple. Their logos are simple but memorable.

  • Limit yourself to two or three colors of ink. Having too many ink colors in your company's logo will put an unnecessary strain on your printing budget - and might actually look distracting, rather than distinctive. A nice-looking, two-color logo will give you the professional look you want at a reasonable price.

  • Use standard ink colors. Custom-mixed inks cost more, and many standard ink colors offer just as unique and professional a look as their more expensive, custom-mixed cousins.
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The Big Book of Logos

by David E. Carter (Editor)

When David E. Carter asked designers to send him examples of their best logo designs, more than 11,000 logos came streaming in, including submissions from nearly every top design firm in the country. The resulting book, The Big Book of Logos, contains the best 2,500 or so of the logos he received, all in dazzling full-color on heavy, glossy stock. This full-sized, 380-page volume is a must for anyone looking for inspiration in logo design.